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2018 - Season 3 WINNERS

Congratulations to:



Our Season 3 Overall Winner!




(*** denotes categorical winner)




Stuck - Corey Surge  

Thug - Anthony Assad

The Siberian Trap - Jeffrey Howe  

Utopia - Dimi Nakov

The Honor Killing - Guy Quigley ***

The Hitler Paradox - James Hughes

Broccoli - Tiger Ji

Generation Killer - John Bias

Blue Bunny - Maya Ricol

A War on Terror - Peter Haig





The Open Hill - Ricky Tyree

Don - Alberto Battistutti

Legacy - Jodi Levitan

Perry - RJ Watson

The Lipstick Posse - Kelly Jean Karam

Willowport - Jess Ansik ***

Sex, Life, Love... in a small corner - John T. Frederick

The Accidental Angel - Oren Weitz

An Unbalanced Line - Kristy Leigh Lussier

Escape the Night - Paul Schwartz





Throwing Hammers - Michael Graf ***

Forever and Never - Dante Orange

NickerBacher - Terry John Barto

Iron Lung - Kevin Kraft

Best Enemies - Brittany Ashley

Campus 911:  Serving Since Yesterday - Richard Geiwitz

The Book Writer - Kris Bauske

MegaBall$ - Marc Baron

Maximum Protection - Joseph Nybyk

Have You No Decency? - Ryan Prinz





The Crimson Legacy - Adam Lapallo

Blood Knots - Greg Malkoff

Haunted - Andrew Kosarko

Momma Bird - Bradley Stryker ***

A Long Shadow at Noon - Ash J. Louis

The Color of Evil - Connie Wilson

Mother Mayhem - Brain W. Smith

Killbook - Pearse Lehane

The Cultists - John Renney

Violate - Judah Ray





The Mushroom King - Steve Trebilcock ***

Armor - Michael Daluz

Chronicles of Valor - Robert B.E. Atkinson

Today the Tiger Smiled - Randy Cruts

The Cut - Christopher Kerr

Godless Skies - Joshua David Harris

Serpentine - David Tittone

The Last Game - Phil Kaufman

Smokescreen - Robert Cole

Outcast - Elie Choufany





Airborne: The Trials of Nine - Richard Clarke

Forget-Me-Nots - John Drummer

Girl Out of Time - Jay Falconer ***

White Crow - David Barbeschi

Escape to Hollow Earth - Colin K. Stewart

The Venus Syndrome - Lynn Vincentnathan

Artificial - Jonathan Dillon

Dream Negative - Scott Henderson

Quantum Driver - Rebeca Melara

Amaris - Ian White





Hick - Marianna Moneymaker

White Wolf, Black Wolf - Florence Nahon

Little Warrior of Manzanar - Zachary Clark

The Coal Miner’s War - Randall Reese

Dark Angel - Ty Claude

A Fire in the Mind - Ken White

Anne Bonny - Perils of the Pirate Queen - John Bain

Jane, The Legend of Mountain Charley - Mark Mc Quown

When I Was a Child - Terry Needham ***

Aktion T-4 - John Martins III





The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show - Prema Rose

The Door - Robert Cox

Dragon’s Mist - Randy Cruts ***

Primos - Scott A. Lopez & Jesus F. Jauregui

Nora, Netball, and Ninjas - Paul Mahoney

South of Main Street - Robert Gately

Time Police:  The Curious Case of the Devil Dogs -  Scott Simpson

The Money Tree - Shiva Ramanathan

Mysti - Jennifer Phillips

The Flower and the Weed - Joel Doty





Marked - Leah Pollack

Blossom Thru The Bricks - Davin intsiful

Cogged - Hunter Davis

Adrift - Michael Snow

Toska - Joseph Kisch

Sepulchre - Mathew McClaughlin

Annabelle Moore - Damion Le Troy Smith

The Blood Trade - Frederico Gianotti ***

The Resurrectionists - Travis Opgenorth

The Conversion Con - Andrea Lawson





King of the Burbs - Joshua Fagan

Pagetravelers - Kes Speelman

2 Broke Girls and the Ransomware - Roger Edwards - Joan Barrett

Buy It For Me - Sarah Johnson

Characters - Chris Harris

All My Friends Are Gay - Raul Martin Romero

The Reboots - Andrea Lawson

Hell, Inc. - Joshua Pokey

Mania - Greg Mania ***  (OVERALL WINNER)






Rule of Law - Stan Rodman  (short)

Box Camera - Shiva Ramanathan  (short)

Rain on the River - Jeffrey Morin  (short)

The Fourth Psalm - John Martins III  (drama)

Laura Must Die - Florence Nahon  (drama)

The Lean - Pearse Lehane  (drama)

The Plantation - Luke Donnelly  (drama)

Backcourt - Rodney Faucet  (drama)

Our Analyst - Christopher Heffelfinger  (drama)

The Egg and I - Nicole Stuart  (comedy)

House on Fire - Alejandro Sesma

Cinema Americano - Jeff Bergquist  (comedy)

One Good Scare - Brian W. Smith  (horror)

The Dress - Bill Brock  (horror)

Controlled Insanity - Randy Cruts  (action/adventure)

Finding Ely’s Gold - William D. Jordan (action/adventure)

The Rebel Son - Guy Quigley (action/adventure)

Tessa Rising - Craig Effrain  (science fiction)

Deft Blue - Mathew Kooman  (historical)

Battle Road - Lawrence Pruyne  (historical)

Pig juice - Casey Laing  (family)

The Plaza - Scott Cahill (TV drama)

Sleeman - Karolyn Carnie  (TV drama)

The Seven - Igor Stefanovic  (TV drama)

Mr. Tinkles  - Anthony Rea  (TV comedy)